About This Blog


This is a blog about things that interest me.

I suppose I could start with a bio.

But does my background really concern what I want my blog to be about?

I want to share…

… things that are beautiful

… things that are amazing

… things that are fascinating . . . .

Now, that could be any number of things. And that’s why it’s hard for me to classify, and focus in on just one thing.

I wish to be candid* with my reader. That’s probably because ultimately I am only writing for me – whether anyone else reads this or not – and it is primarily for my benefit that I am candid, and up front, and serious, and laughable, so that I can make sense of all these goddamn thoughts floating around my head.

The sharing is secondary.  But, if someone stumbles upon my blog, and finds something of interest (at very least), or learns something (at very best), is as much as I could hope for now.

The things I am interested in are not the most common of topics, though, in recent times, have become more mainstream. Yet, most people are fascinated by these mysterious, and maybe even taboo topics when they are confronted with them.

The reason this realm of knowledge is not mainstream is because they are taboo and mysterious! There are no hard facts, and therefore hard to verify.

So, to help keep my thoughts organized, even just to begin with, I’ve created categories that the posts with be sorted under. For example: Look Up, Look Down, and Look Around are just a few of the categories names. I am a very visual person, and my interests encompass the entire globe, and then some.
But, just to be specific*, there’s the basics from the beginning: Sharing beautiful, amazing, and fascinating things. And for me, that translates into (but not limited to)  art, music, photos, poetry, and videos. Also, articles, ideas, and theoretical concepts related to science, religion, health, the environment, sociology, and psychology. I think that covers all the basic food groups! If you can deal with that, then great! If not… too fuckin’ bad, adios!

-R Lilly

* Candid includes explicit language at times. Just a warning. I’m not going to police the age of my readers.

**I like to be crystal clear.

(still need a title)

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  1. RLilly, I am so totally there with you! Can’t wait to see what you have in store!


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