About the Writer

Rachel Lilly is… a wannabe blogger, who cannot quite get it right.

… an artist.

… an observer.

… a purveyor of possibilities.

… an excuse queen & procrastinator. (I have three excuses/reasons for anything. If you don’t have at least three, it’s probably not worth doing.)

… a Truth Seeker.

… a sphere of Light & Love.

… a unique combination of born-in traits & life experiences.

… and some other stuff. 😉



Rachel lives in Northern Virginia where she has an excellent view of the airplanes flying overhead.  She lives with her fiance in their cozy 2 bedroom apartment, with their rambunctious pup, Lucy. She used to work in Fairfax, VA (from where most of my chemtrail photos are taken). But has now established herself in another office in Vienna, VA.

Rachel is honest, loving, and full of compassion for all. She is trying to discover herself, and writing is the best way she knows how to make sense of all the mess. The world is a mess, but deep down she knows there is a rhyme and a reason. At least three.

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