Photo Posting Catch-Up: Chemtrails & Mini Apple Pies

This is going to quick.  I’ve been taking photos of chemtrails when I can, usually during my commute, and I haven’t had the time to post them anywhere.  So, I’m just going to do a bulk post.  I’ve also started time-stamping them to make it easier to identify when they were taken.  Except for the first ones, which were taken October 23rd on my way home in the evening (going west on Route 29 in Fairfax, VA).


These next few are NOT chemtrails, but a totally cool cloud formation! Over Centreville, VA.


More chemtrails now….

These next ones are the same day, but slightly different location so I could get the whole sky. But, since I don’t have a “cool” new iPhone 5, I don’t have that awesome auto-panoramic photo taking ability.  You’re smart people, you can figure it out!  (Hint: I’m turning to the right.)  Besides, even if I patched them together and posted that, if would be too small to see.  By the way, it was a beautiful day, despite the chemtrails, and I’ve seen worse.


Ok, that was the last one… for now!  Hahaha.  Anyhoo… There is a chemtrail right next to sun in this shot 7 & 8, and the glare was intense. That glare-flare at the bottom right is the chemtrail, it made a an add angle, and you can see it more clearly in the first picture, before the panorama series.
And then, I just wanted to share this last one, because I’m so proud of my baking skills.  Mini Apple Pies!!!  Soooo easy, actually.  Used both silicone cupcake molds & cupcake tin, but silicone is best for getting them out.  Instructions are here –>

Take care, with Peace & Love ❤


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