Who Are The Volunteers?

In this post I plan to answer the questions I posed at the end of my previous post entitled “The Three Waves of Volunteers”:

“The part I didn’t mention, and now I’m thinking I should, is why there were three waves of volunteers? And also who are these volunteers?”

In the time I’ve been away from the blog, I realized I did answer one of those questions!  Right at the beginning of the previous post, too!

“I AM part of the Second Wave of Light-workers to volunteer to come to Earth and assist Humanity in lifting its’ vibration towards ascension.”

Duh! 😀 Hahaha… I forget lots of things… and then I remember them! Although, usually when it’s inconvenient, thus forgetting once again.

So, Volunteers are here to help Earth and Humanity raise their vibrations and ascend to higher dimensional levels.  It seems crazy, I know, it’s totally outside the realm of what is “normal.” But “normal” is simply something you’re used to.  People, humans, can adapt readily to any situation, given they have a desire to keep going.  We are adapting everyday to changes around us. There are the conscious changes we make to our lives, there are the changes to our society that we all have to adapt to,  and there are subtle energetic changes that few are even aware of, but still adjust and adapt to them.

Every moment gives us another opportunity to adapt and evolve.  Evolution doesn’t have to be a slow process.  In fact, in this era, time and progress are greatly accelerated, moving at exponential speed.  Visualize our timeline through history…. the prehistoric era was so long ago in our frame of reference it’s going to be the furthest left on the timeline (think dinosaurs & Cro-magnon). Then after that, and some generous space-time, we’ll have early history, and from here things will become a little more closely spaced on the timeline (Sumeria, Egypt, and early human civilization).  The closer you get to our present place in time-space, it will seem like something is happening every year, every month, every day, and eventually every minute.  Events occur rapidly now, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with everything, and still have a life. (Below is a very rough sketch of what I’m talking about.)

Does anyone remember anything from Algebra?  I can remember some of it, and right now I’m thinking about the exponential curve on a graph.  It’s reaching toward this limit, but it never reaches it, it just goes on forever almost touching the limit.  That’s what we humans are right now.  We are traveling on a curve of exponential growth, plotted and planned by the Grand Master Mathematician (God Source, or Source Energy).

God Source asked us to Volunteer and come here.  God Source has a plan for Earth, and needs our help to make it happen.  We couldn’t just come in our ships or merkahbahs and enact the changes.  The changes had to come from the Humans on Earth’s surface, who are entrenched in the Karmic cycles.  Direct interference was not allowed. Still isn’t…. Yet….

The Loop Hole:  We can change things from the inside, instead of the outside.  We incarnate on Earth in human bodies, with no memory of our mission or where we came from.  Humans don’t remember their origins, so neither could we.

General Mission:  Remember, and then get to work.  OR in other words… Follow your heart and your feelings to the truths they lead you to “remember.”  Incorporate those truths into your life.  Live consciously, without ego, and with love. OR in other words… read this: Message from Alcyone

I have found in my research that enlightenment comes from a steady practice of mediation and contemplation. It actually feels like no work at all once you start.  I have a terrible time trying to stay present, often relaxing so much and breathing so deeply I fall asleep.  You can add in any number of things, as long as it feels right to you.

Second Part: Who Are the Volunteers?

Well, each individual person/soul on the planet has to figure out for themselves if they are part of the recent volunteer waves.  Ultimately, we all volunteered to be here, just at different points on the space-time continuum.

Before coming to the 3rd dimensional Earth, you could’ve been any number of different things that inhabit the physical and non-physical universe.  Let’s see…. basically there’s just Extraterrestrials, and that grouping includes an infinite number of variations, both physical and non-physical.  Any being not from Earth is an extraterrestrial, so don’t get your panties in a bunch if you don’t like that idea.  Non-physical ETs are more commonly termed “angels,” but not all non-physical beings are angels.  Some might be considered “demons.”

When I say non-physical, I want you to understand that these beings inhabit the higher dimensions, 5th and above (except for the “demons” they are not allowed very far up the dimensional ladder, as they have not done the work to atone for their misdeeds).  There are beings who are naturally non-physical but choose to manifest a form or body for specific purposes. Like in their work with humans, because we can deal with it better.  They also can choose to manifest a human body, or be born into a human body.  Although, being born into a human body comes with certain stipulations & requirements. A) You have to forget pretty much everything, which is everything because what we know, pales in comparison to what we don’t know.  B) You have to work back up to where you were and beyond, because each life is an opportunity to learn something.

Many Volunteers had several previous lives on other planets, but none here on Earth. This life would be their first one, and usually you can tell if you or someone you know has an incredibly difficult time adjusting to life here.   Then there are also Volunteers who’ve never had a physical incarnation, they came directly from God Source/Source Energy as pure souls, and they have the most difficult time here.
My point is…. Wait, do I have a point? Um, no….  In summary, we are all here for a reason.  Take the time to go into your Inner Sanctuary during meditation, every day, and have no expectation, just connect – don’t just try, because you’ll forever “just try” – just connect to the Oneness of everything.

This is MY current mission.  I have been neglectful for many years.  But, now we’re at that point where it’s crunch time!  I was/am an avid procrastinator, and whereas I used to procrastinate on projects & papers, now I’m procrastinating on my own enlightenment & ascension.  I have until the end of year, at least that’s the deadline I’ve given myself.  But we all have all the time in the universe.  Do not fret, just get started! (I’m mostly telling that to myself.)

Please don’t take my word for anything. Do the research, and feel it out for yourself.  This is what I have figured out so far, I’m just trying to put it into words, so other people can understand and begin their journey of discovery.

With Love & Light,


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  1. Bouchra

     /  August 27, 2014

    Hey beautiful Lightworker!
    I want to connect with other volounteers out there.
    Do you know any forum for connecting with more volounteers so that we can lift each other up higher and higher? I sure need it from time to time to remind we of why Im here and to be in my best service for this place..🙏
    Love and light!

    • Hi Bouchra,

      Thank you, great question! I understand it’s hard to find and connect with people on the same frequency as you. The internet is a wonderful resource, if you know where to look, and well, you found me, so… 😉

      I have had great success finding people in my hometown with Meetup.com. They are everywhere, you just got know where to look. You should also check out lightworkers.org, they have a more global platform and get straight to the people you may want to connect to. Still, use your discernment with all things.

      With love, rlilly

    • Theodora

       /  January 26, 2018

      I know this article is really old but I’m just been enlightened to who I am and always wondered why I am who I am and I would like to be around my people…..ever since I was a child I just couldn’t understand why why I don’t like it here on earth I don’t like the people they are violent and can’t see past self they are also slow slow to learn change and understand. I want to be around my people MY PEOPLE. It giving energy all the time is exhausting hahhaha but it’s necessary

      • Hey there Theodora! So sorry for the delay. I haven’t been very active on the blog, obviously, but still monitoring. I just wanted to let you know that I totally hear what you’re saying, and I felt the same way when I first woke up. Unfortunately for me, I have somewhat fallen back asleep, just trying to live my adult life in the here and now. Responses like yours reminds me of what I wanted when I work up, and that is to connect with others of a like mind and energy. I would love to hear how you woke up! You can email me at rlillyrebel@gmail.com to continue this conversation in private.

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