Where Is The Love?

Where is the Love? Huh?

Is It between two people who are “in love”?

Is It connecting a group of people who care for one another? Also known as a “family,” but they don’t have to be biologically linked. Of course, not all families exhibit love.

Is Love connecting an environmentalist to the environment?

Is Love connecting each one of us to each other AND our environment?

Love is the missing connecting, the missing link, so to speak.

For a while, I tried to quantify Love.  But then I realized, it can’t be quantified.  It’s impossible…. It’s impossible to put Love in a beaker (at least it was for me).  It’s impossible to catch Love or even chase it, because it’s not a physical thing you can see or touch.  Love cannot be grown in a petri dish. (Love, love, love, love, love, love….. it’s starting to sound weird in my head, and even the way it looks doesn’t seem to convey anything that Love really is.  It’s simply a word we English-speakers use.)

Love fills your being, our being.  You can share It with everyone and anyone.  You can receive It from everyone and anyone.

Love is like water. You need It to live a healthy life. You need It to live.  Your parents gave It to you before you were born.  God Source also gave It to you before you were even a thought in the minds of your parents.  God Source is the source of everything, especially Love and your shining gem of a Soul.

Love is Light.  Love is a part of everything that God Source is a part of… they are inseparable, and one in the same. Our Sun is a symbol for that very thing.  Sunlight allows us live here, it give us life by that sense, and thus can be seen as another manifestation of Love and God Source.

Love is self-less.  Love is more than just the word. It represents everything that is positive; Anything that helps humanity, or just one other human being.

“People have got me questioning, where is the love?” – Black Eye Peas “Where Is The Love

This song is what inspired this post.  I’ve always thought it was full of Truth.  Sadly, most of the truth is about the horrible things that continue to go on and on in our world.  The horrible things that were happening 100 years ago, are still the same today. [Except for the atomic bomb which was 67 years ago.]

When these things become apparent, by filtering into our awareness as individuals, either through the internet, news or even in your backyard, you have to control you anger and your depression.  Those are my first emotions when learning about abuse, or poverty, or governmental oppression,  or any number of things, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about and I don’t have to list everything horrible and negative about our world.

Anyways, you cannot let you anger consume you, or let your depression weaken you.  These emotions do nothing to help the situation.  Negativity feed negativity.  You can immediately to more good by sending your Love to them.  It doesn’t matter that you don’t know exactly where you’re sending it to.  Send it with an intention, which is like a postal address, drop it in the box and forget it.  It will be delivered to the right place and person.  {I like that analogy!}

I try to send my Love to those I believe are helping to keep us in the darkness, especially when I’m feeling particularly pissed.  Anger just doesn’t help, never has.  It doesn’t help me deal with it, and it doesn’t help those who are the targets for my anger.

It would probably be a beneficial thing for me to affirm my love for myself and the whole world every day.   I know I would feel more secure, on all levels of BEing.
Where is the Love in your life?  You don’t have to go looking for it, as I said you cannot chase it, you cannot catch it.  Start by looking in yourself.

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