Three Waves of Volunteers


I AM part of the Second Wave of Light-workers to volunteer to come to Earth and assist Humanity in lifting its’ vibration towards ascension.

Now, what does that mean?  Well, I’m not sure. I’ve got a general idea, and hopefully, my activity on the internet lately has been geared toward that general idea; Spread the Word to all those still unaware, still in Darkness.

Also, as I’ve read, the Second Wave had a much easier time adjusting to life on Earth than the First Wave which started incarnating here during the late 1940s through the 1950s. The Second Wave came through during the 70s & 80s.  There is also a Third Wave of volunteers, and they started incarnating (being born) in the 90s and up till now. 

The First Wave is mostly comprised of Wayshowers & Pathmakers.  This is why they had a difficult time, as they were the first to start this Light work, like being the first to break ground on a piece of land that has been left alone to fallow and harden, it’s tough breaking the surface up to be ready for planting.

The Second Wave, well, I don’t know much about the Second Wave, but most are unaware, as with the First Wave as well.  We’re anchoring the Light upon the Earth while going about our daily lives, interacting with different people and places.  Even unconsciously, we energetically affect those people and places, for their betterment. Though, do so consciously would be more potent and effective.

Each Wave is born with more Light than the Wave before them, which can roughly equate to more Knowledge. Light equals Knowledge, basically, it’s also so much more than just that.  But, for now let’s just leave it there.  Knowledge can be in the form of more awareness of one’s True Self, one’s True Mission, but simply just knowing more from get go.  Hence, life is easier than the Wave before, because they already know on some level, that they are following their Truth; their Light.

Now, I know even less about the Third Wave, the youngest generation of Lightworkers. But, like I was just saying, they have even more Light than the Second Wave.  They are more connected to their Truth from birth than most. 

I plan to read another book by Dolores Cannon called The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.

I read the sample to this book on my Kindle App, and learned a lot just from that! (Most of that basic info is above.)

The part I didn’t mention, and now I’m thinking I should, is why there were three waves of volunteers? And also who are these volunteers? 

I will try to answer these questions in the next post!  They are biggies.



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  1. zort##

     /  January 18, 2016

    Hi Rilley…. Let me know if you have time to chat sometime online… I just started reading and watching Dolores and her various views… n some of them were like a light bulb going on in my brain and parts of the whole story falling into place. I think im one of the second wave people too and would like to discuss more about it…

    • Hi Zort, so sorry for the delayed response! I have been disconnected from this site while busy with life. I would love to talk! I’m still in it, and just had a re-awakening around my birthday. Tons of new info and avenues for delivering it. If you still want to talk, message me again and we can exchange emails and such.
      Thanks! RLilly 🙂
      I AM. WE ARE.

  2. Elaine

     /  July 3, 2018

    I’m a second waver and this job is DEPRESSING. I know I’m supposed to just watch, learn and relay energy and messages, but I worry that because I’m angry and depressed about the direction the world is heading, I’m sending out the wrong kind of energy. I know I’m not supposed to “do” anything, but I desperately want to. Walking through a room and sending out my energy as Dolores Cannon said I should just isn’t enough. Might be enough for the powers that be in the ether, but it isn’t good enough for me. I had a QHHT session once and I was told I’m supposed to “get in front of people”. Way to be vague etherical beings. If I have to be here, how do I keep myself occupied and do my job at the same time?

    • Elaine,

      It can be depressing, but just keep doing you. 🙂 There’s subtle things going on that we can only try to understand or become aware of, and we all feel something greater is going on. Do something if you feel you must. The best answers are going to come from within yourself. I feel like I cannot trust anything anyone tells me unless I know them and feel them out. If you feel you need to do something more, then do it. Now, I can’t tell you what to do, but how can it hurt as long as the actions are positive and don’t hurt anyone? If anything, I think your actions will amplify your energy. Hope this was helpful, and I’m sorry for a very delayed reply.

      Happy Thanksgiving!


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