Spiral Chemtrail & Chaos

It had already been a chemtrail day, but this was the best looking one for sure.

I snapped this photo as I was about to get in my car to go home.  The clouds were capturing these amazing colors, and the spiral Y chemtrails particularly caught my eye.  I just had to post it, even if a week later.

Breakdown: There’s actually three (3) chemtrails in this photograph.  Two come together and look as though they twist and create a spiral DNA-looking trail.  The third one is much finer, and was still being sprayed as this photo was taken and did not yet have time to puff out.  Trajectory would intersect it right at the bottom point of the spiral, it just needed a few more seconds.

Close up of spiral and third trail to the right.

I want to write more. More typed words. More personal content. More thought provoking topics.

I feel like my life is in a state of chaos, well, it actually is.  Everything has been metaphorically thrown up in the air, and right now I’m watching everything float and turn in midair, practically in slow-motion. I’m stressing because any second now, all these things are going to fall into place.  And with any luck, they fall right side up.

The Universe is trying to help me get my ducks in a row.  I’m not sure what order that is, so I’m trying to trust that It knows what It’s doing.



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