More November Trails

Uh, oh… more chemtrails. And more dreary weather! Yuck.

I have a theory…. maybe the TPTB think that bad weather will keep us in a permanent depression, or even bi-polar-ness.  We’ll get a fabulous day of awesome fall weather here and there, then immediately marring it with chemtrails. And then, invariably, more bad weather, which is also fairly weak and does not have any… passion.  Anyhoo, chemtrails precede slow, creeping bad weather that doesn’t pack much of a punch, but last longer than would be desired.

Parallel Chemtrails November 14 2011

Above are chemtrails I photographed November 14th (2011).  The planes were starting to spray as these puffy popcorn clouds were forming; Altocumulus clouds.

And here the chemtrails continue south, right on the edge of the altoculumus.

And here below is a photo of what could be cataloged as a “black line phenomenon.  In this photo it’s a little hard to tell because of the glare from the sun and clouds, but the black line in the photo is the shadow of chemtrail that is being sprayed between the Sun and the clouds.  I cannot say how much higher up the chemtrail is from the clouds, except quote what Wikipedia says is the average development height for altoculumus: “Altocumulus generally forms about 6,500 feet to 20,000 feet (1,200 to 6,100 meters) above ground level.” So, it’s somewhere above that and space! (I mean, how high does a normal long distance  flight fly? 20,000- 40,000 feet.)

Now then, later that week, November 19th to be precise, I saw another display of chemtrails! This time a little more ominous…

XX: Facing North

Actually it was more like XXXX…X! In every direction I looked there were huge chemtrail X’s in the sky! Here’s another:

Parallel XX: Facing East over the firehouse.

XX Straight Up

Then… when you look towards the Sun…

They all come together, maybe heading south, maybe creating a humongous Net. (More X’s on the right, it’s actually almost a tic-tac-toe board.)

A Net.  That’s what all the XX’s and then this gathering towards the Sun reminds me of a net. Like one you would tow behind a boat; cast, trap, and gather. Plus just look how hazy it is! I had to block out the sun with my fingers to control the glare.

Here’s a version to negate the fear and negativity that Net is harvesting:

Peace to All!

Oh, I caught this mutha-fucker on close up!

Now, Goodnight & Peace Out!


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