Week of 11-11-11 – Time to Wake Up

The following are things I took note of during the week leading up to November 11th, 2011.  Of course I also noticed Chemtrails… and I got some great pics of some new XXX chemtrails today, but I’m having technical difficulties (left my card reading at work). Anyways, here they are.

1- Sunspots & Solar Flares – spaceweather.com

Two of the largest suspots observed by NASA, see the picks at these links. The first: http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/pickoftheweek/ – is the Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun spots that became visible on Nov 12 -14, as the sun turned around, and those images are here: http://www.space.com/13497-largest-sunspot-years-observed-sun.html

2- Asteroid 2005 YU55 is passing within the Moon’s orbit of Earth – possibly an intelligently controlled object.  I’ve seen different trajectories, first passing in front of Earth’s orbit, and now behind.  More will be known in a couple hours.  Maybe it will slow down, stop, or land…. on Earth, on the moon?  Maybe it will just slow down, and starting circling like a shark about to go in for the kill.  Now, that last bit was just a little fear talking, a little what if game, so that I am prepared for the worse.  I can control my own reactions.

Apparently, NASA has been saying this asteroid is a hyperbolic comet, or an interstellar visitor, which is something that has never been recorded in astronomy.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPvfGNfQR-o&feature=related <<– This video, while not very visually stimulating, is an interview by George Noory of Richard Hoagland discussing the mathematical probability that this asteroid is passing our way by chance, and the numbers are outrageous.  The mathematician believes that it must have been sent our way, but some form of intelligence.  The “asteroid” could be a ship, it could be a space station or a rock, but whatever it is, it is here for a purpose… on a mission.

3- 11-11-11 is this Friday – which is also Veteran’s Day.

11-11-11 is a day planned for demonstrations in the Occupy Movement.  Maybe I should go hang out with the Occupy DC people.  Do they have a website? {They are marching to DC from New York, to stop the Super Committee.}

4- The Government has once again denied the existence of extraterrestrial life…. 😦  The announcement was in response to a “We the People” petition to the White House.  I signed that thing, too.  I guess we’ll have to do it again.  Do they really think we’re just going to except that answer? Cuz I won’t. http://gizmodo.com/5857405/of-course-the-us-government-officially-denies-any-contact-with-aliens

If we (I) didn’t believe them the first dozen or so times they tried to get us off the scent… then I don’t think we’ll be satisfied until they tell us what we want to hear… we won’t settle for anything but the Truth.


Ok, so that’s it. Trying to get in the swing of things.





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