Chemtrails and Hazy Skies Oct 26th

This is a photo from yesterday.  Four chemtrails parallel to each other that stop abruptly at the same length.  They were sitting just on top of the horizon to the north of where I live.  I saw them clearly up the street, framed by the trees, but I couldn’t get the shot because I was turning the other way!

So this is the best shot I got.  Also, notice how hazy the entire sky is.  That persisted throughout the day, and turned rainy. It’s still raining today, but never very hard.  Cloud cover isn’t thick.  What I’m hinting at is cloud seeding, and general manipulation of the weather by TPTB, or The-powers-that-be.  (They be but I do not approve of their power.  I will not give them any more authority over me than what their current position in the world entails.)

Additionally, this next photo was also taken yesterday, towards the end of my commute to work.  It is a new chemtrail, being sprayed from a plane as it passes overhead. Again, notice the hazy clouds.

This one was really high up there. Movin’ fast.

Adios – rlilly

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