“It’s a chemtrail day!”

That’s what I always say to myself when I see the sky littered with these puffy trails.

I’ve been watching the sky for… ever! But, recently (like the last couple years) I’ve been noticing what look like contrails all over the sky. With a little research I discovered that these are not contrails, though very similar.  They are chemtrails.

Contrails are water vapor trails left behind airplanes flying at high altitudes.  These vapor trails disperse within minutes of their creation.  Often it will look like the plane has a long tail that fades at the same rate. [see photo below]


Chemtrails are a mixture of water vapor and chemical agents that are sprayed from the tail of an airplane.  You can follow it’s trail across the sky and they generally stay there for while. Though, as the day wears on, the trail will disperse, slowly spreading out across the sky. Usually, the day after a heavy chemtrail day I will notice the sky is extremely hazy, letting very little light through.  The photo at the top of the post shows several chemtrails that all originated past that horizon and continued over my head to the other horizon.  I’m pretty sure that they came from either IAD (which is closest, but also farther northwest, or to the left of the photo), or Baltimore (which is much farther away, to the north, but would allow the time needed to get the plane to cruising altitude). Very rarely do I see chemtrails real low, they’re usually much higher than this next photo.

Big ChemtrailsBig Chemtrails

These are my own photos, as well as the composite image a the top. The two I took, here above, were taken on the same day, same morning about 4 miles away from each other. These chemtrails were very unusual, since they were so big and so dense, and yet there are other clouds hanging in front of them. They looked very low in the air, and not the typical stratosphere spraying.

The extent of my photo-shopping abilities it practically nil at this point, and I strive to show the truth, as that is what I would hope other truth seekers would do as well.

I will try to post new photos as I get them.

Peace (Y)


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  1. Great post & photos. It’s good to know that I’m not the only skywatcher who’s curious about these chemtrails. Let’s keep documenting, maybe one day we will have answers.

    • Thanks! Same here… I feel like I’m the only person who is concerned… in my area 😉 But, yes, let’s keep taking those pictures, postulating our theories, and pushing the facts! A pattern will emerge, as well as the answers.

      Take care!
      R Lilly

  2. My dad works at IAD and he isn’t sick, but he comes home coughing because they launch the chemtrails there. It’s NOT a conspiracy theory. They go in crosses, like your mini apple pies 😉 and I believe it causes cancer 😦

    • I’m sure the chemtrails cause lots of different health issues, cancer and respiratory issues are definitely on that list. But no one does any studies on it, so there’s no way to prove it isn’t something else. It’s frustrating when people don’t even believe that they are real. Thanks for reading and leaving your comment!


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