Amazing Rainbow!

UPDATE:  Here’s the rest of the photos off of my digital camera. So awesome!

Amazing Rainbow 1

Amazing Rainbow - two different sections!

Amazing Rainbow: Like a circle... it never ends

Amazing Rainbow Close Up - see! It starts again after purple!

Amazing Rainbow - trying to connect


I was amazed to discover a super bright double rainbow appear in the sky on my way home from work.

I pulled over and snapped these shots with my phone, and proceeded to speed the rest of the way home to get my digital camera, all of two minutes away.

Double Rainbow!

The rainbow started to arch, wanting to connect to its other segment on the other side of the sky. Slowly it started shifting over my head, as the clouds moved and the sun set.

The rainbow was SO BRIGHT at first. There’s only a hint of the double bow in the photo, but it was so obvious in real life. I started shouting, “Double Rainbow!”, in all sorts of different ways.

Double Rainbow! Double Rainbow! Like that YouTube video. Only I’m a girl.

Also, once I was able to stop the car and look better, I could see each color clearly, even the purple was thick and vivid. I could almost say it was a Triple rainbow…. underneath the purple was a tiny sliver of red and yellow and orange. As if the rainbow went on forever.

I’ll add the rest of the photos from my actual camera later.

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