The Buffet Rule

If you truly love your country, Republicans… wealthy Republicans… then why not help it out? Pay your fair share, at least what I pay; 25%, and I make less than 30,000 a year! So I’m living off a little more than 21,000 a year. Hell, I don’t want to pay that either!

And you’re MILLIONAIRES!!!

Like Obama said: “This is not class warfare – it’s math.”

But, I will guarantee something….  If you continue to refuse, we’ll kick you out.

Like a landlord evicts a tenant for not paying their rent. Paying just the utilities is not enough anymore.

You can no longer contribute less than the hard-working families of America.

You worked hard, too, I understand.  BUT, you also now have more than enough for yourself and your extended family. (So long as you’re all not a bunch of selfish, greedy materialists that can’t live within their means. Heaven forbid you restrict yourselves.)

R Lilly

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