NoVa Quake


Take cover!!

From what exactly?

Well, we here in Northern Virginia just had one of our infamously rare earthquakes! Amazing!

Even more amazing, no one was hurt! Well, other than a few minor things, and most, if not all buildings are still standing. I am from Southern California, like my parents and most of my family, so we’re used to the occasional rocking of the earth beneath our feet. Well, kinda… as used to it as you can get, I suppose. Though, for the majority of people in NoVa, this was a first, and it really shook them up. Especially, those up off the ground on the upper levels of office buildings and such.

This was a 5.9 on the Richter scale and was centered 5 miles from Mineral, VA; 38 miles from Richmond; 84 miles from Washington D.C. Specifically at, 37.936°N, 77.933°W, 3.7 miles down in the Earth.

What’s really interesting (and scary) is the Lake Anna Nuclear Power Plant.

Lake Anna is only a handful of miles from the epicenter of the earthquake. My boss also happens to have a house there. But, I’m more concerned about the possible nuclear disaster in my backyard.

What if something similar happens here like it did in Japan? Granted, their earthquake was much larger, but still, less than 10 miles from the epicenter is a NUCLEAR PLANT!
7th Most At Risk for Earthquake Damage – Read the last line of the article – hehe. Phew! – North Anna Nuclear Power Plant Shut Down

I hear now that they’ve shut down the plant, just in case. And probably loads of inspections, along with all the other large structures in the area; bridges, schools, office buildings, etc.

There’s a rumor going around about the Washington Monument. It’s may be the Leaning Tower of Washington DC, or the Leaning Washington Monument. Haha!

This earthquake was very shallow at 6km (3.7 miles), whereas the range for shallow quakes is from 0-70km! Additionally, I was looking at USGS, and today there has been a whole bunch of 2.5+ quakes around the world. A large number of them were on the North American Continent and with US borders. ALL of these quakes were shallow… extremely shallow; less than 15km in depth (less than 10 miles).

I see that as odd. Around the world the rest are much lower in the earth. Why in the US are all these earthquakes so close to the surface?

Aug 23, Mineral, VA Quake Details:

Earthquake Trends:

This Trends page is very interesting. It’s where I got the info on the depths of quakes today – there’s a list down the left side. Then there’s the trend graphs.

One was showing the average yearly depth of quakes over the last couple decades. After 2000, it’s very clear that the average quake depth has decreased dramatically! Spiking at 95 km in 2001 or so and is now down to less than 50 km. And that’s just the Average! (That’s the third graph down.)

The first two graphs show the number of quakes per year (over 5.5.) and the maximum magnitude per year. Both are steadily increasing over time, and reaching their top records regularly in these past few years.

Bottom line: Earthquake frequency and magnitude is increasing. There is no question of that, the data clearly shows it.  Also, depths of epicenters are decreasing on average, and particularly in the United States.

This all goes into my “Proof” bin, well, I think “Evidence” would be more appropriate name. Ok, This all goes into my Evidence Bin. Evidence for what you say?

Change, I say.

Changing of everything as we know it. Nothing will look or feel the same, but everything will be all right (in the bigger scheme of things at least). The Earth is posing herself so she is ready when the time is right. Poised right on the edge….

Another thing I found to be quite amazing was that five minutes after the quake hit, not even that probably, we were seeing the news report about it live on TV! OK, OK, so maybe in this day and age this isn’t too fantastic, but let’s not be jaded…. It’s fucking awesome! And it’s not only the news, I was finding stats from USGS and such, as well as well researched and presented blogs about the event hours later.  (See above links)

I’m just constantly amazed at this world: our society; our technology; our sociology…. THIS WAS NOT POSSIBLE 20 YEARS AGO. What was that… 1991! We were on the cusp then; just breaking into a light jog. Now, we are well past sprinting speed, but it does not feel like it most times (maybe sometimes to other people). So it seems, we are barely breaking a sweat and not even feeling the need to stop anytime soon.

Things are happening faster. More frequently. And with more ferocity than ever before. From rumors and stories in the headlines, to tropical storms and earthquakes. Why? It’s definitely hard to say for certain…. But, if you watch the trends and the overall picture, you can start to see the patterns. There are small, local, and even national trends, but I’m talking about global trends, revealing global patterns, and ultimately revealing global plans.  Plans… I’m not sure about that word… definitely implies a designer for the plan. Well, maybe that’s what I want to imply…. Hrmm….

I shall offer an alternative to “plan(s)”, something that doesn’t imply a designer: Global probable future, a global hypothesis, so to say. (Well, I tried to come up with something, but that’s the best I could do. Do me one better?)

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